Generation Liberty is alive and well

We at Liberty League were excited to have prominently featured in Rise of the New Libertarians: Meet Britain’s Next Political Generation”: an article for the International Business Times. Chronicling the current generation’s shift towards advocating libertarian and classically liberal politics, author Shane Croucher spoke to Director Anton Howes and Executive Board Member Jennifer Salisbury-Jones. The former emphasised his consequentialist approach to politics, and told the IBT:

“I’m certainly not in favour of freedom if it doesn’t produce good outcomes. I just tend to think that most policies libertarians espouse are the ones that benefit the most people.”

The article discussed broad libertarian trends within Generation Y, highlighting the importance they place upon social and economic freedom:

“They believe more in markets, lower tax and less regulation. They want to make their own decisions, not have the state – an overbearing parent, of sorts – make them on their behalf.”

Often, young people are thought to be far more politically inactive. But this is not the case! Scepticism of party politics has not translated into general apathy – far from it. Increasingly, tech-savvy Generation Y are shunning inflexible party manifestos in favour of single-issue campaigning and enacting change from outside the confines of the state:

“The internet and new social technologies, and the fluidity and flexibility they bring, have shaped this change. It’s easy for a generation used to Twitter and Facebook to cluster around a single campaign, send it viral and use the groundswell of publicity and support to strong-arm politicians.”

It’s great to see such positive media coverage for Britain’s flourishing libertarian movement, and we are optimistic that today’s young activists will help change the political landscape of the future. It’s no longer just “eccentric, male, white, radical Tories”; instead, we are a broad Church that welcomes everyone from left-libertarians to market anarchists:

“At the annual Freedom Forum conference held by Liberty League, which brings people together for debates, lectures, training and socialising, Howes says he has seen the makeup of attendees change dramatically since 2011…’non-political, non-partisan, eclectic.'”

We at Liberty League hope to build upon the increasing numbers of young people interested in libertarian politics, ensuring that freedom’s popularity continues to grow. There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about Britain’s political future.

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