Libertarian student activism is blossoming across the country

LSE Hayek Society increased membership by 50% from last year. Congratulations from us!
LSE Hayek Society increased membership by 50% from last year. Congratulations from us!

Welcome to the second of our regular updates on the UK student liberty movement! The past month has seen societies across the country hold numerous events in the sphere of libertarian politics. Liberty League is always eager to provide help and suggestions for holding such events, so don’t hesitate to get in contact if you’d like any advice.

After getting nearly 70 sign-ups at the start of the academic year, the LSE’s Hayek Society held a well-attended pub discussion courtesy of The TaxPayers’ Alliance. Meanwhile, Rob Winterton from the KCL Libertarian Society told Liberty League of their successes so far:

“The first event, called ‘Bitcoin Explained: Cryptocurrency and The Potential of The Blockchain’ was done by Preston Byrne, research fellow at the Adam Smith Institute, and explained in helpful terms how cryptocurrencies work and what their potential is…The second event, titled ‘The Case Against Compulsory Education’ will be on the 18th of November and will be presented by Mark Pennington, a lecturer at KCL.”

St Andrew’s Free Market Association continue to grow in strength, and maintains a commendably active Facebook presence: sharing their own articles and content other sources. Elsewhere in the North, Durham University Free Market Association hosted the Adam Smith Institute’s Sam Bowman, who delivered a popular talk on open borders and immigration. Many young libertarian activists also attended Forest’s (the pro-smoking lobby group) 35th Anniversary Party in Boisdale Belgravia.

Encouragingly, the aforementioned events also attracted many non-libertarians; we at Liberty League believe that this demonstrates the widening appeal of free market, socially liberal politics to the current generation of students. We only report on a small selection of events, but many other societies have also been extremely active since the beginning of term. Remember – if you’re involved in a libertarian society at university, we’d love to hear from you and promote your activities!

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