Free-market student activism exists across the United Kingdom

Welcome to our third update of this academic year! UK students might be approaching their Christmas holidays, but that hasn’t stopped young libertarian activists from devoting themselves to hosting engaging events and creating new societies.

We’re pleased to have Heriot Watt Libertarian Society as a new member of the Liberty League network, and wish them the best of luck in achieving future growth. If you’re at a university that doesn’t yet have a libertarian or free market society, remember to contact us if you would like assistance in setting one up!

Queen’s University Belfast libertarians have also been busy distributing literature and holding socials; it puts a smile on our faces to know that Northern Ireland has such an active and enthusiastic society. The same goes for Scotland, with Glasgow University Freedom Association hosting the IEA’s Steve Davies in mid-November, as well as an informal discussion on reproductive rights. St Andrew’s Free Market Association also continues to impress, and have collated articles for their upcoming journal.

Students have been in the national spotlight of late, with The Spectator highlighting the rise of student unions’ ‘no platform’ obsession. Brendan O’Neill’s article is a clarion call for the vast swathe of students who care about spirited, open debate and oppose harmful censorship on campus. Those who want to take action should check out Spiked Online’s ‘Down With Campus Censorship’ campaign.

Liberty League is always happy to help out student societies with resources and promotion, so if your society held a particularly successful event or got involved in some campus activism – let us know!

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