“Fantastic talks” and an “excellent weekend”: Freedom Forum 2015 review

It’s been nearly a fortnight since Liberty League’s Freedom Forum 2015 drew to a close. The weekend of March 27th-29th saw approximately 250 students and young professionals descend upon London to discuss pro-liberty ideas, socialise long into the night and listen to fascinating talks from a huge variety of speakers.

Things kicked off on Friday night with a ‘meet and greet’ style drinks session in Minster Exchange. It was a successful icebreaker, as evidenced by the smiling and slightly hungover faces that decorated the main lecture hall for Saturday morning’s Federalist Society keynote panel: ‘The Magna Carta: Birth of Democracy or Historical Fantasy?’.

With the aid of free coffee and some extremely engaging speakers, it wasn’t long before attendees rose above last night’s frivolities and joined in the lively debate taking place in all of Saturday’s sessions. Topics up for discussion included free market feminism and anarchism. It was great to see the #LLFF15 hashtag packed with reactions to speakers and questions.

Sessions focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the ideas behind liberty, as well as training attendees to be more effective advocates of these ideas. Liberty League is always eager to help out students and young professionals with resources, advice and training in this regard. With this in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Saturday ended with conference-goers marching to the Bank of England and launching The TaxPayers’ Alliance’s ‘Generation Screwed’ campaign. After attracting media coverage with the protest, it was off to the pub to kick off another night out in London.

The final day of Freedom Forum saw talks on everything from Bitcoin to animal rights. Overall, it was a fantastic conference. If you couldn’t make it this year, don’t forget to keep an eye out for #LLFF16 and buy a ticket!  You won’t regret it:

Freedom Forum is only possible due to the generosity of our sponsors and partners. We at Liberty League would like to thank them for their help. Visit their websites by following the ‘Sponsors’ link on the Freedom Forum 2015 website.