Freshers’ Fair Successes!

The awesome stash from St Andrew’s Free Market Association.

Welcome to our fortnightly update on the UK student liberty movement! Freshers’ Fairs across the country have seen a new crop of young activists introduced to the Liberty League network of societies, with notable successes in terms of membership and interest. It looks like it’s going to be a busy year for UCL Libertarian Society, who were able to attract more than 200 sign-ups. Remember; Liberty League can provide advice and resources for Freshers’ Fairs, so get in touch!

Meanwhile, Sheffield University’s F. A. Hayek Academic Society also excelled themselves. They distributed around 150 books and gained membership – everyone at Liberty League wishes them a successful year! St Andrew’s Free Market Association’s incredible membership pack also helped secure them an additional 50 members, as well as more than 100 on their mailing list. A special mention must also go to KCL Libertarian Society, who managed to attract non-libertarians through the sheer quality of talks on offer.

Shef Freshers
Activists manning a rather lovely stand at Sheffield University Freshers’ Fair.

We’ve heard positive feedback from many student societies across the UK. It’s heartening to see the passion and dedication of so many liberty-minded students in promoting their ideas about politics and economics. We love to hear news of your society’s success, and are equally happy to provide help and guidance.

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  1. Glad to hear that the Freshers’ Fairs were such a success! Hope you found the IEA materials to be useful. If you need any more publications throughout the year, please do get in touch.

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