Liberty League was founded on January 4th 2011 by Will Hamilton, Anton Howes and James Lawson. They were joined by an Executive Board in August 2013.

anton-head-shot-to-size-copy-bw-150x150Anton Howes

Anton Howes is a PhD student at the Department of Political Economy at King’s College London, studying the cultural causes of the British Industrial Revolution. He has been Director of the Liberty League since its founding in the summer of 2010. He has a First in War Studies and History from KCL, and is a consultant researcher at the Centre for Market Reform of Education, and a research associate at the Adam Smith Institute.


Charlotte Bowyer
Executive Board, Liberty League Freedom Forum coordinator and Regional Director for Scotland

Charlotte is Head of Digital Policy and Education Manager at the Adam Smith Institute, a libertarian think tank. She holds a degree in PPE from the university of Manchester, where she founded and ran Manchester Liberty League. Her hobbies include collecting and practicing taxidermy, listening to loud electronic music, beer and steak.


Victoria Monro
Executive Board, Societies Outreach coordinator and Regional Director for London

Victoria Monro studies Philosophy and Economics at UCL and sits on the Executive Board for a second year. Her main interests are the impacts of policy, particularly the impact of macroeconomic policy on social justice and welfare. She is broadly a classical liberal, a feminist and a vegetarian and maintains a blog with content spanning all the above issues.

JSJ NewJennifer Salisbury-Jones
Executive Board, Communications Manager

Jennifer Salisbury Jones studied Physics at Bristol and is now the Campaign Manager (Grassroots) at the TaxPayers’ Alliance. Her main interest is in the way taxes and regulation make the lives of the least well off harder.

RyanRyan Austin
Executive Board, Campaigns Manager and Regional Director for the East of England

Ryan Austin is a 19 year old student at King’s College London in the Department of War Studies. He currently serves on five student society committees, is a Town Councillor in Bedfordshire and is also an Apprentice Freeman at the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals. He is dedicated to helping young libertarians campaign on their campuses on issues they are passionate about.

ClaraClara Cullen
Executive Board, Regional Director for the South-West of England & Wales

Clara Cullen is currently a student at the University of Exeter where she is studying History and Politics. She has been involved in classical liberal student politics since she was 17. Her main interest is the history of English Radicalism. In her spare moments she spends far too much time listening to music in South London pubs.


Daniel Pryor
Executive Board, Regional Director for the North West and North East of England

Daniel Pryor is currently an intern at the Center for a Stateless Society. He has previously worked for the Adam Smith Institute and held the role of Deputy Editor for The Backbencher. Pryor is a market anarchist, taking a particular interest in drug policy and immigration reform. Originally from Essex, he now studies Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Durham University in the UK.

GyulaGyula Martus
Executive Board, Regional Director for the West and East Midlands

Gyula Martus is a 3rd year undergraduate studying International Relations and Politics at the University of Sheffield. This is where he founded the F. A. Hayek Academic Society. He is a Local Coordinator for European Students for Liberty. Gyula is a classical liberal, his main areas of interest are state formation and alternative forms of governance.

will-black-and-white-150x150Will Hamilton



james-black-and-white-150x150James Lawson




The Liberty League has no corporate view. Any views expressed that are allegedly linked to the Liberty League are only those of the author, and not the Liberty League, its directors, advisers, or network.